Flatbed Applicator & Laminator


Height adjustment

height iconWorking height can be adjusted from 850-1020 mm. You choose the table height that is right for you. This feature is included as standard equipment on each machine.

Roll holder TOP/SIDE

roll holder iconWith the roll holder, you can load your material very easily and quickly. It is not necessary to load the material on to the bar and secure it, you just have to lay it on top between the roll and the bar, pulling it around the roller, which is then lowered prior to commencing lamination.

The Side roller can you help hold materials if you are preparing materials before lamination.

This feature is included as standard equipment on each machine


Heatable roller Option – up to 60°C

heatable holder iconThe heated roller has been standard in Roll Laminators for many years, This provides the advantage of avoiding the “silvering effect”. Silvering effect means, that you have encapsulated air, so the glue is not connected to the print on tiny parts of your print material. When working with self-adhesive films, the heat will warm up the glue, so it will fill up the “rough” surface of paper or vinyl. The effect is, that you will have less air encapsulated and the result is more brilliant.

If you are mounting prints behind glass or plexiglass you would need to have a heated roller because the glue should be absolutely transparent. The heated roller would provide a perfect result.


LED illumination Option

led option iconThe machine comes with a table illuminated by LED strips, giving it an even light coverage of the whole working table. Not only do LED´s minimize power consumption, but they offer proven long life.

The LED´s are mounted on a steel assembly secured to cross ties and plugged into the next unit. In the event of an occasional LED failure, illumination still remains effective. In the long term, should the LED strips need replacing, this is simple to do and spares are readily available?


Technical data

Compressed air – consuption

compressed air icon6 bar – 4 l/min.

Power consumption

power icon

manual models: none
motor driven models: 380W
illumination: 800W
heatable roller: 1400W
Voltage: single-phase 240V

Dimension & weight

dimension iconDimension