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Styrofoam/EPS cutting Work Smart

It is a product that goes out the expectations of customers; Excellent and reliable device for the best price.

The following are the characteristics of the device: KSGT "smart" has a worktop made of laminated board MULTIPLEX on the surface, thanks to the work of the material on the device runs comfort-ably and easily. By using a hard disc gained less weight while maintaining the required rigidity. and milled in the counter gripping holes, easy trans-portation and handling.

Cut the thickest styrofoam!

Presented Smart is one of the few on the market that is able to cut polystyrene with a thickness of 35cm! The most commonly used cut perpendicular, but you can also set the device at any angle to the material being cut, setting it accord-ing to your needs and requirements. The device delivers the cutting length, width, and at an angle.

Maximum performance with minimal maintenance!

Smart is used primarily for making quick cuts polystyrene panels during the work thermal insulation of buildings, without unneces-sary setting, twisting and regulating device. After finishing work unit consists optimally, and the transformer does not interfere with the design of the device for easy transport and storage.

Technical parameters:

  • Width of cut material: 113cm
  • Maximum Material Thickness: 35cm
  • The width of the device: 35cm
  • The length of the device: I 25cm
  • Material: aluminum, plate type MULTIPLEX waterproof
  • Measures and stickers: polyester, resistant to water and abrasion.
  • The device is powered by a dedicated, secure transformer.
  • Weight: approx. 7.5kg
  • Includes 2x spare wire.
Each device comes with a one year warranty.

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