ThermoCut Hobby

The Hobby series of Coner ThermoCut foam cutter is inexpensive alternative to heavy foam cutters of Pro series. It’s lightweight and compact design makes these machines perfect solution for small-scale non-industrial production, small manufacture companies and for in-home hobby apllications.


ThermoCut Hobby C1


ThermoCut Hobby C2


ThermoCut Hobby C3

Every Coner foam cutter is controlled by an independent microprocessor controller connected to the PC withUSB port.
The standard equipment of the each machine is one roll of titanum resistant wire
Hobby series cutter, despite their small dimensions, are driven with two stepping motors for each working axis (4 engines on the machine, 3 for C1 model).

Model Hobby C1 Hobby C1/60 Hobby C2 Hobby C3
X workspace (lenght) 120 cm 120 cm 200 cm 60 cm
Y workspace (height) 60 cm 60 cm 100 cm 60 cm
max. material thickness 30 cm 60 cm 100 cm 150 cm

ThermoCut Hobby – X axis drive


ThermoCut Hobby – wire frame on the Y axis


ThermoCut Hobby – material handle