Block slicing machine

ThermoCut 15drutow

The multi-wire thermal plotter – ThermoCut Multiwire enables the simultaneous cutting of 15 cutting wires in the full working area of the machine in its standard configuration.
This plotter will be used for serial production of the same elements.
It is often used for cutting slats, architectural stucco and styrofoam moldings for packaging.
Thanks to the simultaneous operation of 15 (optionally up to 50) wires, we gain 15 (or even 50-fold) increase in production efficiency.

Optionally, the plotter can be equipped with inclined cutting heads. 
The solution is dedicated to companies that, in addition to cutting out polystyrene blocks, have the task of cutting blocks for plasters.
The technology of beveled wires is known so far from the line for the production of styrofoam boards. It prevents the destruction of the plate ends by the falling material when all wires from the material are simultaneously removed.

The multi-wire plotter can be additionally equipped with belt conveyors and vertical cutting wires
creating a universal line for cutting and formatting styrofoam blocks.
MW block cutting line