Foam cutting machine


Styrofoam Cutter

With the advent of CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter, the creation of complicated figures and shapes and become inexpensive. Earlier, it was rather difficult even to imagine it. However now, this complicated task has not just become simple and accurate but also has become fast. In general, this CNC hot wire commonly used in the development of 3D logos, display letter, signboards, Labels for outdoor and indoor advertisement, fair stalls, decoration items and in all type of packaging, large-scale architecture, precast concrete molds, pipe insulation in related things. At Kashif Saeed General Trading LLC, we aim to offer low-cost Polystyrene Cutting Machine and we think that we have somehow managed to deliver the same. Our years of experience has paid off, now our customers have a source which will renew their ideas moreover allow them to stand on the ever-changing expectation of market.

3D visualization

3D Foam Router for Sale process several profiles of free-form rotated solids may sometimes lead to unexpected results since the cutting lines will overlap in 3D space. To save time and material, you can preview the rendered shape on the screen.

Rotational cutting

Styrofoam Cutting Machine is supplied with a rotating table, which allows for creating revolved solids. The source material can be placed vertically or horizontally. The machine can create revolved solids of up to 3 m (9.8 ft) in size. The Styrofoam cutter is a functional equivalent of a lathe due to the smooth rotation of the source material

We have 3D foam cutting machines ranging from CNC Router Foam Cutter, CNC Wire Foam Cutter, Thermal cutters, etc. Precision cutting and development of complicated shapes can be obtained with our high quality and low-cost Polystyrene machines for sale and 3D foam cutting machine. Revolving solids can also be developed using our Styrofoam cutting machine which is equipped with a rotating table. The workpiece material rotates as in the lathe machine and offers a precision cutting path. With this machine, solids of large sizes up to 3m can be created. Our wide range of products made with the finest engineering will get you perfectly and precisely cut components. The products and services include 3D CNC Foam cutters, Polystyrene foam cutters for sale, 3D CNC Foam Cutting Services, Thermal Foam Cutters for Polystyrene.