Flatbed Laminator

5 year parts guarantee




Designed with the motor right from the start



 Don’t work hard, Work Smart…

Motorized drive system, double foot switch and 5 up/down buttons for moving the roller, allow you to completely change the way you use a flatbed applicator. Using traditional tables, the operator works from the area in the middle of the table. With Lamidesk, we have designed everything to happen at the edge of the table . This work area is easily accessible for the operator and allows for mounting that is so quick and easy compared with manual models.

Easily switched and controlled motor drive and double foot pedal keep you your hands free for precise handling of laminated materials. All the work is done by the electric motor.

With the double foot switch you can control the movement of the roller  from either side and the operator can stay at the part of machine that suits his/her preferred method of work.

Switches are accessible from everywhere on the table. Up/Down control of the roller is done from any one of the 5 buttons on the machine so the operator does not need to move from his position.



It simply looks better …


They optimize machine performance in a reliable and effective manner by decelerating the roller at the table ends quickly and without recoil.



Built-in active PFC and fan speed control Full corrosion resistant aluminium chassis Conforms to harmonic current IEC/EN 61000-3-2, Class A and Class D Cold start -20°C at 100% load Nominal Input Voltage 85-264Vac, 47-63Hz Mean time between failures: > 700,000 hrs. as per Telcordia SR-332 I/P: 100Vac, O/P: 100% load, Ta: 35°C




double bearings increase machine durability and prolong life…



extremly stable and durable



We start with steel tubing which is cut using lasers for 100% accuracy. Then, the parts are welded into a massive steel frame which is powder coated for a superior protected finish.


We utilise two separate frames, this allows us to maintain a perfectly flat table even under roller pressure. Each section of the machine is individually calibrated using



Our perfectly manufactured roller using a CNC brush machine, German rubber and German precision will help you in your work every day. The roller is the key component on a flatbed applicator. Consequently, this part needs to be accurate, durable and easy to maintain. Our rollers are alcohol, oil and abrasion resistant, resulting in excellent lifespan and simple maintenance procedures.


logo bottcher


The heated roller has been standard in Roll Laminators for many years, This provides the advantage of avoiding the “silvering effect”. Silvering effect means, that you have encapsulated air, so the glue is not connected to the print on tiny parts of your print material. When working with selfadhesive films, the heat will warm up the glue, so it will fill up the “rough” surface of paper or vinyl.The effect is, that you will have less air encapsulated and the result is more brilliant.


If you are mounting prints behind glass or plexiglass you would need to have a heated roller because the glue should be absolutely transparent.The heated roller would provide a perfect result. Especially for Fotographers or for producer of glass-products, the heated roller is a recommended feature.



over 8400 LED chips


The machine comes with a table illuminated by LED strips, giving it an even light coverage of the whole working table. Not only do LED´s minimize power consumption, but they offer proven long life. The LED´s are mounted on a steel assembly secured to cross ties and plugged into the next unit. In the event of an occasional LED failure, illumination still remains effective. In the long term, should the LED strips need replacing, this is simple to do and spares are readily available.



incl. biggest version 400/210 and 500/160



icon compressed air lamidesk Easy

Compressed air - consumption 6 bar - 4 l/min.

icon power lamidesk

Power consumption


all manual models: 100W Voltage: single-phase 240V
300/160 EASY SHIFT 250W LED + 456W heating +1500 W
300/210 EASY SHIFT 250W LED + 547W heating +1500 W
400/160 EASY SHIFT 250W LED + 571W heating +1500 W
400/210 EASY SHIFT 250W LED + 686W heating +1500 W
500/160 EASY SHIFT 250W LED + 686W heating +1500 W


Default color of frame – RAL 9005 – BLACK, structured.

Colorful accessories are available in MACal 8300 PRO color definition. We recommended to choose according MACal Colour card or http://www.mactac.eu/products-macal-8300-pro-1-11–21.htm





Waranty – 12 months
Customer´s registration:
After final customer´s registration on web side www.lamidesk.cz, warranty on spare parts will extended by 12 months (from 12 to 24 months).

To qualify for the extended warranty please send us two photo series of interesting application work created using our product. As well as photos please send a brief written article explaining the scope of the job, how your Lamidesk made the job easier and some of your experiences. We would like to use these guides on our website to assist new and existing users to get the best from their machines.
Contact us at sklad@lamidesk.cz
In appreciation of your efforts we will extend your warranty from 3 years to 5 years.


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